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Ashton Butler is Singer/songwriter born and raised in Murray Utah. Growing up he was always influenced by all genres of music. Anything from classic rock and blues to modern day pop music. In his early years he was part of and performed with many garage bands and took part in many battle of the bands competitions. Going to many concerts growing up was a big part of the reason he is pursuing this career. In 2015 Ashton made his first trip to Nashville Tennessee, where he fell in love with the music scene and what it has to offer. In 2020, Ashton began releasing original music. From Blues driven ballads to country infused rock, Ashton has made it clear that he will try anything and everything when it comes to new music.  


In 2019 he packed up his car and moved to Nashville. Since being there he has played over 500 shows and taken place in many writers rounds and full band showcases. An average day in Nashville for Ashton consist of co-writing, playing shows, and taking in all the incredible artistry and music Nashville has to offer. 


Ashton’s biggest influences and inspirations come from those like John Mayer, Chris Stapleton, Johnny Cash, and a lot of 90s based country music. Writing music is something that he’s done from a very early age. “It’s Therapeutic, when you can’t put your feelings into words normally, try singing”. Ashton likes to live by the motto “The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will”. 


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